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This chapter's done but the story goes on


Hey everybody! I apologize for never finishing the Man In Love series!! Even though it’s super late, I’m being super OCD and I’m gonna finish those and post them within the next couple weeks before I write anything else! 

Before I do that though, are any of my followers from Vancity???? I sound so creepy but I’m helping promote a Kpop event that’s happening this summer so it would be great for you guys to go! (Don’t worry you don’t have to meet me haha I just want to get the word out!) 

If so message me and I’ll give you the info!

Man in Love (ft. Woohyun)

Had a really busy and long day yesterday so I didn’t have time to write this one! But here my Woohyun version! haha So far, his is the most difficult to write haha But who doesn’t love a challenge right?

This one is for Kristine unnie! Just cause she’s the first unnie I met and cause I love her like I do all my other unnies!! lol

And more shameless promoting haha If Woohyun isn’t your bias, maybe SungGyu or Dongwoo is~ :)

Enjoy everybody! ^_^


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Anonymous said: OMG YOU'RE BACKKKKKKKK. hi. Hehe. I sound so creepy. Welcome back! <3,

OMG I AM!! lol HIIIIIII!! (now I can be the creepy one x])

Awe thank you for the message~! I feel so special haha

Hopefully my comebacks weren’t too bad!!

Thanks again for the message!! <3

Man in Love (ft. Dongwoo)

Ack! I’ve seen so many Dongwoo shots recently based on the MV so hopefully I don’t sound too similar to anyone else! But hey, Dongwoo’s part was probably one of my most favourite so I couldn’t skip him. 

Plus I wanted to write something for Abby unnie! :]

Oh and if anyone wants, here is SungGyu’s version! (shameless promotion lol)

Enjoy everyone! ^_^


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Anonymous said: Hi there, I love your scenarios. Especially One Chance, I kept reading it over and over again. It's so cute. By the way, do you know how I can access foreverambling? there's a password. and I want to read her stories too.

Awee~! Thank you!

haha I went to reread it after I saw this message and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I wrote that! haha
Oh yeah, unnie closed that blog a while back but I don’t know the password :\ Sorry! But you can maybe message her on her personal blog :) 

I linked it in the SungGyu scenario I uploaded yesterday.

Thanks for reading my scenarios!! ^_^ 

Man in Love (ft SungGyu)

Hey guys!! Guess who’s back! lol So I know I promised to write more but I got busy with school and dance. I apologize! But seeing as how one of my ultimate Kpop groups came back (just to clarify I am talking about Infinite lol) I thought it was about time I started posting again. I love love LOVE their comeback and I wanted to celebrate by writing a one shot for each of the member’s based on their cut from the MV lol

Starting off with leaderGyu cause we all love our leader! And cause I haven’t written anything for Bella unnie in a while x]

I hope everyone enjoys this! ^_^


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Happy New Year

Ack so this is probably super late for most of you since it’s almost the end of January 1st for me lol But I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! Did you guys have a good time counting down and reminiscing on 2012? And how many actually accomplished their resolutions? haha 

What did everyone do for their celebration? Anyone have that apparent special midnight kiss with someone special? ;) 

Anyways, here is my little New Year’s gift to everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome 2012 and here’s to an even better 2013! ^_^

Sighing, she sat down on her bed; completely deflated. She held her phone loosely in her hands as she let out another sigh. Hearing a slight knock at her down, she looked up to see her friend sticking her head in with a sympathetic smile.

“Are you okay?” the girl asked as she took small steps into the room.

Without saying a word she nodded her head slightly.

“What are you doing in here?” the girl sat down and slightly nudged her. Not receiving a response, she nudged her again.

“Come on, what’s bothering you?”

“Nothing.” She replied with little emotion.

“Everyone’s outside and ready to go, where’s your boyfriend?”

Shrugging, she stared at the phone she held in her hands. Noticing the light from the screen, the girl reached for the phone and looked at what was displayed; eyes scanning over the words.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Or am I super late? Well either way I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope you got to spend some quality time with your family! Like I said, I’ve written quite a bit lately to not bottle up what I’m feeling and so I’m back to posting again! To be honest, I don’t really know what to title this but yeah lol I hope I haven’t lost my touch in writing yet…but that’s okay cause I’ll just start practicing again now :)

Enjoy everybody! ^_^

"How do I look?" she turned around from the mirror and looked at him.

"Can’t you wear a different skirt? That one is too short." he crossed his arms as he leaned against the doorframe.

"What are you talking about? You bought me this." she looked at him. "That’s how I know it’s too short. I don’t want the other guys going near you when I’m not there." he walked towards the closet and tried looking for a replacement.

"Well we wouldn’t have that problem if you would just go to the party with me." she walked towards the table to clean up the makeup she had left lying around.

"How about this?" he pulled out a pair of jeans as he ignored her comment.

"I’m wearing this. If you are so worried, you should just come with me." she turned to look at him as she walked out of the room.

He sighed loudly as he put the jeans back into the closet; sitting down on the bed while crossing his arms. He could hear her moving around the apartment finding the things she needed to take with her. Hearing her light footsteps, he turned away from the door as she approached him and sat down next to him.

"Are you sure you don’t want to come?"

"Are you sure you want to go?" he asked back.

"I’ll see you tonight." she rolled her eyes; kissing his cheek softly before leaving.

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Hey everybody~

Okay so I disappeared for pretty much four months and I more or less feel like I should at least give an explanation as to where I went.

As many may know, the past four months were my first months of university and I was in Engineering and I had absolutely zero time to write. And believe me, it is killing me to not find an outlet for my imagination.

So yeah I had no life for the past four months pretty much so I have decided to switch out of Engineering into English, but that’s not really important lol

Originally I was planning on spending my four week winter break sleeping and trying to regain all the sleep I lost because of Engineering and then picking up writing when the semester started. Except that plan has changed.

My grandpa passed away a few days ago and everything that I started to write lost all meaning to it. But at the same time, writing is how I’m coping (if I’m not playing the guitar) so yeah.

When my friend passed away a few months back, writing didn’t help me at all. It actually made things a lot worse so I put it off for a while, but now I can’t stop writing. 

I’ll post maybe a few things soon, but I wanted to give everyone a reason as to why I’ve gone on a unplanned hiatus.

And I want to thank everyone that has stayed with me! Honestly I bet half of you forgot you were following me lol Which is fine cause I did disappear~ But thanks!!

To all the things you deserve


Ah, I was going to write something a little more like “I’ll see you in the morning” but felt like writing something completely and utterly fluffy today. This one goes out to all of you who have been working hard and deserve a good break and to those who may be waiting for that someone special. Knowing you all, I truly believe that you deserve the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. No matter what you’ve done or where you’re coming from (this sounds like a Backstreet Boys song), I truly believe that it’s these little things you all deserve. :) Take care! And keep those in the path of hurricane Sandy in your thoughts~

So much fluff, it really feels like a sheep shed on your computer.

- - -

When he entered her apartment, much like the sun that filtered through the sheer white curtains, he felt a certain sensation of familiarity wash through him when found her enveloped in the tranquility of a midafternoon nap.  He set the steaming cups of tea from the little café downstairs aside and quietly made his way toward where she was curled on the couch. 

A knowing smile tugged on his lips unbeknownst to him as he watched her shoulders rise and fall with every breath. With her feet tucked underneath her mustard colored knitted cardigan and her head pressed against the cushions, he was convinced that he’d be willing to fight off anything that would wake her from her well-deserved nap.

He shrugged off his own jacket and made his way around the coffee table to drape it over her exposed shoulders. Something snagged his heart when she shifted in her sleep with the added weight and he mentally reprimanded himself for almost waking her.

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Have you guys ever read something so fluffy that it hurts? omg this was so perfect that I swear if you’re not smiling by the end, you’re probably not reading it! lol So read it! It’ll make your day that much brighter :)

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